Competitive Team

Is your child passionate about gymnastics?
Do they like to perform?
Do they want to train more and take their gymnastics to the next level?

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USA Gymnastics Developmental & Xcel Competitive Team

All Auburn Gymnastics Center students - with willingness to work and  an eagerness to learn - will be given an opportunity to compete in our  gymnastics program. We feel competition helps to deepen passion  and encourages focus and gives a mission and specific focused  purpose to the training. Sometimes we only know what giving our “all” looks like under competitive circumstances – this is your child’s life training ground to be willing to work at being the best versions of themselves. 

Interested in joining our competitive team, below is what you need to know!
Tryouts Usually held in May.
 Look for email communication or flyers up in the gym! 
Find out where your gymnast is placed! 
Communication usually comes via email.

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