About Us

We're on a mission to guide, empower and inspire kids to reach for their full potential and work towards something with purpose.

This page is so awkward because people are curious about the people behind the organization that their kids love so much but your kids’ coaches are why their kids love it here - not us. We just get to buy all the cool equipment and be creative.

Yes, we have an extensive background in gymnastics and an immense passion to improve constantly. We expect that from ourselves and we teach tenaciousness to the athletes who train here.

In our lesson plans we teach respect, risk-taking, caring, belonging, discipline, fairness and patience. We love that sports offer a way to learn things that they can take into life with them. We love sports - all sports.  At this point with two boys who have done hockey, gymnastics, swimming, baseball, more baseball, swim team, mountain biking, skateboarding, cliff diving, basketball, spike ball and probably way more we have learned the value of what sports have to offer.

We have been the owners since 2008 but this gym started in the 70’s in a small gym then moved to the DeWitt Center till we bought it and moved locations to Palm Ave. After searching and searching we ultimately found the current location in 2010 and expanded it to offer ninja warrior and the batting cage in 2021.

We love this community and have been dedicated and devoted to making ourselves a positive place in Auburn. Yes, we are proud of the state and national titles earned by the hard-working kids who have trained here but we are inspired when we get return visits from kids who felt at home in our facility and felt loved and seen growing up here.  

Our moral compass is the motto "Be the G." That stands for being the good you want to see in the world. We don’t just say we want to be the good we want to see, we are.

A family picture of the owners of Auburn Gymnastics Center.